Delete Queues In RabbitMQ

Thu 26 September 2013

When using RabbitMQ you sometimes end up with queues you don't want or need anymore. Deleting them is thankfully a straight-forward process.

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Auto-fixing Passive FTP on AWS Instances

Thu 29 August 2013

Due to the way AWS assigns EC2 IPs you need to run FTP in passive mode. This means that you need to log in to change the FTP config whenever the IP changes. So I created a way to solve that.

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Allow IPs to Bypass Apache's Authentication

Mon 28 January 2013

A common need when using Apache's user authentication is to have a whitelist of IPs that can bypass it. This is a pretty straight-forward process but it can appear unintuitive as first.

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Caching Proxies - the Cheap Way to Handle Lots of Traffic

Fri 25 January 2013

I have no idea why more people don't first use a proxy before trying to set complicated hosting environments :/

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Fix Slow SSH Logins

Wed 07 November 2012

Often, when trying to ssh into Linux boxes, it can take over 30 seconds to log in or even see the login prompt. This is annoying (especially when running automated scripts) but solvable.

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Generate SSH Keys

Tue 09 October 2012

A quick post on how to do a fundamental Linux system administration task.

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Find Out Process Memory Usage

Sat 01 September 2012

Figuring out how much memory a process is using can be tricky due to the way Linux does memory management. However, there is a simple way to solve the problem.

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3 Simple Server Changes to Boost Website Performance

Mon 13 August 2012

Site speed matters. Google is now using page load times as a minor ranking factor, plus a lot of people will leave your site if pages take longer than 2 seconds to load. So what can be done?

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PHP - Generate Random Strings

Thu 28 June 2012

A quick script for generating random strings in PHP. Useful for generating passwords.

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Postfix - Pipe Emails to a Script

Mon 25 June 2012

Piping emails to external scripts is a handy feature but not readily obvious in Postfix. Thankfully, it's not difficult.

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